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Empower your building construction with the right digital solutions to connect design data from the office to the field accurately and in real-time – creating a smart digital reality for your projects

A Smart Digital Reality

The building construction industry is experiencing a digital transformation. Companies that embrace new technologies, tools, digital workflows and data centric strategies see an improvement in project and business outcomes.

The road to digitalization requires a connected, data driven “digital first” approach. You need solutions that empower you not only to capture data, but to put your data to work. When projects are optimized to minimize labor demand, reduce rework and build to plan – on time and on budget –your business has the potential to become more profitable, while protecting human and material resources.

Let Hexagon empower you to create a smart digital reality for your construction projects


Eliminate inaccuracies and inefficiencies from traditional construction layout and verification methods with technology solutions for expediting BIM-to-Field and Field-to-Office data collaboration throughout the lifecycle of your building project.

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Construction Management

Improve speed & efficiency during construction with cutting-edge technology to keep your BIM data accessible in the field for more accurate layout and as-built verification.

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Site Work

Maximize your workforce capabilities in the field with easy-to-use, high-performance machine control & reality capture technology for your most important site construction and structural excavation work.

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Complete concrete layout & formwork tasks and steel/anchor installations confidently & exact to design with precise automatic total stations and machine control guidance systems.

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Detect construction conflicts as you work with the most advanced technology for layout & reality capture – keeping your MEP coordination, fabrication and installation on schedule, and on plan.

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Eliminate costly errors and change orders during interior buildout with the most versatile digital layout & measurement tools – ensuring fast & accurate construction.

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Maintain precise as-built documentation during your construction with 3D reality capture technology for the most accurate digital twin of your project for the final handover to Facility Management.

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Explore how Heavy Construction contractors digitize operations from design to maintenance, helping realize gains in costs and increased safety

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