Additional How-To’s

Basic Operation

How To Create A Project
How To Create A Job
How To Create A GNSS Rover Profile
How To Create A Totalstation Profile
How To Verify Your Position Over A Control Point
How To Use The Map
How To Measure Points
How To Measure Polylines and Arcs
How To Export Data
Data Merger
CC80 Bluetooth Driver
Create Project and Import Files
Creating Device Profile
Export - Basic DFX CSV
Hardware and Software
Overview Settings and Units
Project Creation and Data Import
Setup Control Line Anywhere
Setup Coordinates Anywhere
Setup Transfer Elevation
Status Bar 1
Status Bar 2
View Settings


Stakeout – How To Stakeout Points
Stakeout – How To Stakeout Lines and Arcs
Stakeout – How To Stakeout Surfaces
Stakeout – How to Search For Points In Simple Mode
Stakeout – How to Search For Points In Advanced Mode
Roading – How to Create Roads Using The Road Wizard
Roading – How to Stakeout Road Files
Roading – How to Create and Use Cross Sections In Roading
As Built - Basic
As Built - Control Points and Code
As Built - Points Lines Arc
Checks - Application
Layout Lines - Application
Layout Lines - Basic
Layout Object - Overview
Layout Objects
Layout Points - Basic
Layout Points - Layout Point to Reference Line
Sketching - Arcs
Sketching - Point Creation
Sketching - Points and Lines
Sketching Points and Lines 1