In this time of disruption, most organizations are working quickly to adopt new solutions that enable their business to continue and to keep their workers employed without putting them at risk.

For construction, there is a new sense of urgency in having a precise digital replica of their existing conditions so organizations can make informed decisions while working remotely, thereby allowing operations to continue even if everything else in the world seems off-kilter.

How to keep your business running?

Top reasons why Hexagon empowers you with a smart digital reality of your construction projects

The ability to work remotely has benefits beyond accessing site data. Teams can enable remote inspection processes to keep projects on schedule. You can ensure quality assurance and control, preparing the site for shutdown by documenting existing conditions while allowing you to share measurable data with subcontractors and stakeholders for off-site fabrication and WIP updates. And you can document a project’s status to prepare for possible legal disputes that might arise from work stoppages — even if a job site is temporarily closed.

A move toward technology

Reality capture solutions such as laser scanning, mobile mapping and UAV systems allow a single team member to gather site data quickly, minimizing risk for personal safety.

Even before the current crisis, organizations have been increasingly turning to technology to collaborate, increase their productivity, and help them maintain the level of work amid a shortage of skilled workers.

In fact, a recent  U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey found six in 10 (60%) contractors say they are already using technology on the job site. That same survey found an even more significant number of contractors — 80% — think they will be using technology by 2022.

Solutions like DTM Surface Capture, Installation Verification, As-Built Measurement, As-Built Verification and Building Information Modeling (BIM) improve project delivery. More importantly, for the moment, they can also be used remotely or deployed with limited on-site operations.

Continuing operations will help organizations weather the current storm. It will also enable them to prepare for the future by rolling out — and by default testing in real-time — processes they can adapt and use in their business long-term.

How can Hexagon help?

Hexagon can help companies in the industry make the adjustments needed to ensure their business will emerge intact from the crisis. Through our reality capture solutions and services, we can provide owners, contractors, engineers, and architects with current, precise job-site data that everyone can use to continue design and construction planning.

For a variety of reasons primarily related to the pandemic, many of our customers and the market are being faced with the challenge to quickly capture the existing conditions of their construction projects. If you’re facing a similar situation, we can help you.

As part of Hexagon, Leica Geosystems is partnering with our nationwide Multivista services organization to ensure fast, accurate capture and delivery of construction site data to help our customers manage through this disruptive time.

We have two options for you to consider:

do it yourself

enable you to capture your jobsite data

Get options for purchasing or renting the Leica Geosystems solutions you need, supported by our experts in training, implementation and support

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Let us do it

We’ll capture the data for you

Our Multivista team is locally available in most major metros; experts are ready to capture your jobsite when your schedule demands

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