Are you tired of the limitations of your current building construction tools? Still wasting time and money on inaccurate measurements & data?

It might be time to upgrade your tools!

Take your construction performance to the next level with Leica Geosystem’s advanced technology for layout and reality capture! Our advanced solution empowers workers of any level to perform as an expert – achieving precise results in a fraction of the time.

On one of our most recent projects, a 30,000 square foot building, had a total of 1,027 points to set and one man working with the robot was able to do the work in two days. With our previous methods, that would have taken three days with a two-man crew. Especially on large buildings, that’s a very clear return on investment.

BIM Manager, Facchina Construction

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    Total Station Solutions

    Leica AP20 AutoPole: The latest advanced prism pole technology for the most accurate layout work

    The AP20 AutoPole is the groundbreaking smart pole attachment for Leica’s robotic total stations enabling faster and more reliable layout, as-builts and other measurement tasks with its unique target search & identification, automatic pole height readings and pole tilt compensation.

    • The TargetID functionality makes sure that your total station is locked to your target and remains locked until your job is done.
    • The PoleHeight feature automatically updates the correct pole height every time you adjust your pole height.
    • The Tilt compensation provides flexibility to measure or layout points without the need to level the pole.
    Download Tech Specs

    Used the Leica AP20 pole to layout 24 concrete columns and 2 elevator cores on top of a concrete slab we poured yesterday. We then followed that up with a complete as built and topo of the same slab. What usually takes 2 guys over 2 hours to do, took us about an hour to complete. The tilt option, target ID, and automatic height adjustment is a must have if you like efficiency and accuracy.

    Line and Grade Area Manager

    Using the AP20 pole comes in handy when you’re trying to get your pole into tight spots. Not having to level the rod, you can get your layout done without the hassle of objects being too close.

    Regional Line and Grade Manager

    I love it when a product surprises you. Today was the first time I played with the AP20 in person. We we’re getting within .01 at the tip of the rod!

    Layout Manager

    Leica AP20 with iCON is incredible!!! A field engineer's dream. The time savings is incredible. This setup would pay for itself FAST. Way FAST.

    Field Engineer

    Laser Scanning Solutions

    Leica Geosystems stands on their reputation. Leica is all about their products & their reliability to do what they say they can do.

    VP of Operations

    We recently switched from another vendor due to Leica’s support and service after the sale. They are the best when it comes to that.

    VDC Manager

    We needed a solution that was easy to adopt, user-friendly & required minimal onboarding time. Leica’s technology was easy to pick up & use straight away by the team.

    Senior Surveyor

    Take your business to new heights with Leica Geosystems’ unbeatable accuracy and efficiency!

    Empower your surveying or construction business with our industry-leading reality capture and digital layout solutions – delivering unbeatable accuracy, speed, and efficiency. Don’t settle for less – choose Leica Geosystems and dominate the competition.

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