Simple, fast, accurate verification in building construction

Learn how you can easily leverage digital construction technologies, to perform in-field QA/QC, delivering vital and immediate information to the office, and the crews in the field, avoiding costly issues and rework.

Leveraging a more powerful, easy-to-use in-field verification solution

The construction industry is facing increased cost pressures and demanding schedules. To combat these, contractors need ways to increase productivity while reducing down time. Leica’s iCON field software allows contractors to extend their possibilities by bringing their office to the field, with simple, trustworthy, and easy to implement technology.

With digital construction technologies, you can provide your crews the necessary QA/QC information right then and there in the field while the timing is critical. Leica Geosystems’ iCON field software was developed to bring your office to the field. In combination with the Leica MS60 Multistation, you will have an incredible set of insightful, yet easy-to-understand data right at your fingertips without having to take it back to the office for processing.

Real-time verification is a game changer for our teams and our commitment to quality.

- Scott Cloud, VDC Southeast, DPR

“At DPR, one of our greatest obstacles is in leveraging scan data and the turnaround time it takes to capture, register, and analyze the data in the field. With real-time verification now part of iCON and the MS60, we can integrate smaller batch scans into our daily workflows without additional manhours or added resources to check for quality real-time as work is being installed. This consolidates our resources, saves us a ton of manual registration work, and – more importantly – allows us to correct any deviations “in the moment” during initial installation activities, avoiding costly rework after the fact. Real-time verification is a game changer for our teams and our commitment to quality.”

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