Leica iCON build 6.0

for Construction Layout & Real-Time Verification

Leica iCON Field 6.0 now features access to point-cloud data – enabling field crew to complete construction verification tasks on site, in real-time.

iCON 6.0, now integrated with the scanning functionality of the Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation will give field teams real-time access to capture point-cloud data in the field during construction

Importing and viewing IFC models inside iCON, while capturing point-cloud data to view discrepancies between the as-built environment and construction progress in real-time

The MS60 will give users the quick ability to create and manage project control networks, in addition to traditional construction layout tasks.

Analyze details on the construction site with the iCON Verification App functionality, giving users the ability to create heatmaps and identify in/out of tolerance surfaces in real-time

Leica CloudWorx
for AutoCAD

Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD is the most efficient and popular plug-in software for using as-built point cloud data captured by laser scanners.

Users can create accurate 2D and 3D as-builts, check proposed designs against existing conditions, perform critical construction & fabrication QA, and more directly within AutoCAD.

The powerful TruSpace intuitive, panoramic viewing window lets users “see” better what the point cloud represents, and acts like a super-control to drive point clouds visualization in AutoCAD with unprecedented speed.

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At DPR, we’re committed to the quality of our work and products we build for our clients. Even more so, we take pride in everything we do, especially as it relates to the work we self perform with our own forces.  Therefore, we scan almost everything we put in place to ensure quality in alignment with design specifications and our coordinated installation plans.  One of the greatest obstacles we have in leveraging scan data is the turnaround time it takes to capture, register, and analyze the data as it relates to the sequence of work in the field. Even with same-day turnarounds, it sometimes is not fast enough. With real-time verification now part of iCon and the MS60, we are able to integrate smaller batch scans into our daily workflows without additional manhours or added resources to check for quality real-time as work is being installed. This not only consolidates our resources and saves us a ton of manual registration work, but more importantly it allows us to correct any deviations “in the moment” during initial installation activities, avoiding costly rework after the fact.  Real-time verification is really a game changer for our teams and our commitment to quality.

“We pulled the point cloud file right into AutoCAD and overlaid it on the drawings we had been given for the building. Very quickly, within an hour or two, we discovered that three of the plumbing pipes were in the wrong place. We were able to move those before the concrete slab was poured, which prevented rework later.”

General Construction Workflows

  • Analysis for dry or wet concrete pour
  • Slab scanning for surface flatness & analysis
  • Inspect columns, walls and formwork

Pre-Fab Workflows

  • Verification of pre-cast concrete walls prior to delivery on-site.
    • Cladding or curtain walls
    • Load-bearing wall units
    • Shear walls
    • Formwork for cast-in-place concrete
  • Installation verification on-site

Sub-Segment Construction Workflows

  • Structures verification, concrete, steel and wood
  • Pre-pour documentation, post tension cable, box outs, sleeves.
  • Exteriors and Facades Systems
    • Custom Panel Manufacturing
    • Curtainwall Construction & Renovation
    • Glazing


Faster Reality Capture Workflows for Scan2BIM and In-Field Construction Verification

  • Quickly and easily create Scan2BIM/Plan models using PointFuse, powered by Jetstream
  • Develop 3D models for as-built office verification including clash and anti-clash analysis
  • Leverage plug-ins like Rithm, for real time in-field verification of concrete floor flatness and levelness

Integration for Documentation

Connect to Autodesk BIM 360 Docs

Leica Geosystems and Autodesk BIM 360 Docs customers can streamline construction workflows to optimize efficiency and increase transparency both on the jobsite and in the office. By connecting Autodesk BIM 360 Docs, a leading construction management platform, with Leica Infinity or iCON field software, customers will be able to create seamless workflows between office and field.

Connect via Leica iCON Field Software

Leica iCON field software offers you an entirely new work experience. Its innovative, straightforward software design, smart workflows and easy-to-understand user interface make work a pleasure and increase your productivity on site. iCON field software is specifically designed for construction helping you complete your various applications fast and easily on site.

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Connect via Leica Infinity

Infinity is the user-friendly geospatial office software suite for the measurement professional. It is designed to manage, process, analyze and quality check all field survey measure data, including total stations, digital levels, GNSS data and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). So whether it’s measuring new survey projects or preparing data for construction layout jobs, Infinity supports your workflow.

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BIM 360 Docs Workflow powered by BLK3D

The Leica BLK3D integration with Autodesk BIM360 Docs enables BIM 360 users to utilize BLK3D measurable images (.CMI files) in the issue creation and resolution workflow. Adding 3D images to issues provides a richer context for team members collaborating in BIM 360 and helps accelerate decision making by bringing site conditions from the field into the office.

Publish from the BLK3D in the field with BLK3D Mobile or publish from your computer with BLK3D Desktop. Select the measurable images that you want to share (up to 10 at once) and press the Publish option. When the upload is complete, links to your images are created.

Leica BLK3D

New to BLK3D?

The BLK3D is Leica’s real-time, in-picture 3D measurement solution.

By combining measurement sensors, software, and on-device edge data processing capabilities, the Leica BLK3D makes in-picture measurements with professional-grade accuracy in real-time possible. Every image captured is a complete and precise 3D measurement record.

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With the increasing complexity of construction projects and massive amounts of information generated, interoperability with various information systems and industry standards is a requirement for project success.

Contact us to learn more about the connectivity between Leica Geosystems solutions to your Autodesk platform for a more streamlined, efficient construction workflow.

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