Running your business with UPTIME
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Tell us about your needs, and we take care of the rest.
& Training
& Analysis
Logistics & Handling
Get the right survey and measurement gear in the hands of your crew, without the challenging, time-consuming, and costly commitments. UPTIME, our custom fleet management solution will give you peace of mind and more hours in the day.

Here are some

UPTIME benefits.

You get the latest gear

Hassel free equipment management

Continued training

Dedicated support team

Responsive needs based scalability

Worry-free Maintenance
There are already so many things in the day you need to worry about, keeping your firmware up to date and your equipment running smoothly, should not be one of them. UPTIME assures that all your gear is ready when you are, wherever, and whenever you need it.
Having the proper configuration, setup and training will help you ensure your jobsite is running at peak performance.
At times technology can be quite a challenge and making sure your crew is utilizing it with optimal performance is not guaranteed. UPTIME provides dedicated training making sure your crew's questions are answered enabling them to operate with confidence.
Managing your project budget is key, and
having predictable costs is priceless.
UPTIME provides a multitude of options, ensuring the best and most cost-effective selection for your project. UPTIME was created with the bottom line in mind tailoring solutions and services to your business needs. Whether your needs are short-term, long-term, or rapidly changing during a project, rest assured we have you covered.