A project’s interior buildout requires easy-to-use solutions that are adaptable to any scenario. Even the most seasoned contractors still struggle with BIM verification and layout tasks due to limitations with existing manual techniques.

Whether it’s capturing scans, taking accurate measurements, or tracking tasks for timely project completion, the right digital tools for reality capture, layout and measurements will provide unparalleled visibility of the design against the interior environment – eliminating errors and risks due to incorrect data.


Elevate your interior layout performance with the most efficient total stations & multipurpose grade lasers for leveling and alignment tasks, and capture precise 3D measurements with the most accurate handheld projection tools on the market.

Construction Verification

Ensure your construction work progresses as planned with versatile reality capture technology to keep your field data verified in real-time, avoid surprises later on.

Interior Layout

Mark out your framing components with the most advanced layout and measurement tools, providing the highest accuracy necessary to keep your construction on schedule.