Site Work

When construction work begins on the jobsite, you need unprecedented visibility into every stage – from understanding the site’s topography and preparing the grounds for trenching and excavating to verifying installation and layout accuracy.

Construction technology solutions for more accurate ground surveying, utility detection, GNSS, and leveling have made it effortless for general contractors to improve efficiency out in the field while ensuring that as-built stays on design with real-time BIM – contributing to tremendous time and cost savings per project.


Work smarter onsite with the most trusted machine control technology, reality capture scanners, grade lasers and digital layout tools for maximizing efficiency and proactively eliminating BIM conflicts.

Site Preparation

Handle earthmoving and grading tasks with advanced machine control solutions for guaranteeing your site is ready for construction.

Utility Trenching

Avoid damaging the ground and existing utilities with BIM-to-Field technology for the most accurate and efficient utility detection and excavation work.

Construction Verification

Explore tools to help flag potential BIM-related conflicts early to make corrections and adjustments as needed without falling behind schedule.


Complete layout and alignment tasks confidently with the most precise total stations, grade lasers, and GNSS tools on the market.


Quickly capture an accurate view of a worksite’s topography with surveying and reality capture technology solutions for the most advanced point cloud data.