The overall success of a building’s structure depends on a powerful foundation built with precision – and more importantly ensuring your concrete construction & formwork has been properly placed and reinforced before other systems can be installed.

Ensure your contractors are using the most accurate and efficient machine control and layout tools throughout vertical construction to replicate your reinforcement design exactly in the field – ultimately helping you avoid costly foundation and structural failures later on.


Ensure structural accuracy and integrity during concrete work with manual and robotic total stations for faster steel & anchor placement and as-built verified point & line layout.

Rebar & Form Layout

Our manual and robotic total stations keep your concrete reinforcement designs accessible in the field for the most precise rebar and formwork layout tasks.

Steel & Anchor Installation

Minimize rework with total stations guaranteed for laying out reinforcing steel and anchor locations exact according to plan.

Structural Trenching

Safely and accurately complete structural excavation tasks with machine control solutions and radar detection technology to avoid disrupting underground assets.