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concrete work

Enhance your concrete performance with an easy-to-use digital layout solution

Designed to maximize your formwork efficiency, iCON technology streamlines your concrete application by integrating your 3D design model from the office directly into the field workflow to produce accurate and verified point data in real-time – eliminating delays from BIM coordination and manual exporting & converting of files.

This intuitive, one-person solution empowers your limited crew to quickly tackle more work without sacrificing quality – enabling you to win and get to the next job faster.

“With Leica’s solution, we’re able to rely on the model to plan and do the work. This saves us time, and gives us more ability to extract info in real-time as needed.”

Trevor Gronseth, VDC Manager

Discover Why String and Tape Are Giving Way to Digital Layout Tools That Offer Impressive Advantages

This e-book explores the many reasons concrete construction contractors have when considering a move to digital layout. What’s the return on investment? What kind of reward can you expect for gains in layout speed, accuracy and versatility?

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How Digital layout enhances your concrete work:


  • More accurate and precise concrete layout models

  • Real-time BIM model access in an IFC format

  • See model issues & inconsistencies in real-time – catch errors faster

  • Generate valid point data that’s been checked/verified

  • Comfortable technology adoption – leading to full technology use on next job site

“The very early return on investment on the equipment is being able to find conflicts within the drawings. If I find potential clashes that can impact cost and the schedule months in advance before our guys even get out there, it pays for itself. That in itself is worth the investment in the hardware and software.”

Scott Hover, BIM Manager

Total Stations

3d Model Layout

Robotic total stations

With user-friendly and easy-to-understand technology requiring minimal training, Leica iCON iCR 70 & 80 Robotic Total Stations guarantee layout efficiency with access to the full 3D model on-site - producing accurate and verified point data in real-time.

Field Software


Field software

Field integration software enables your field engineers to correct issues and verify formwork placement against the architect’s model in real-time, ensuring that costly errors and inconsistencies are resolved before your concrete is placed.


in-field BIM verification

Field Verification app

With Leica iCON field software, field crews can complete all layout tasks and make in-field verification decisions with a single solution - enabling better in-field decision making and faster corrective measures to keep projects on track.

Easy to Use

One-person operation

easy adoption

With user-friendly and easy-to-understand technology requiring minimal training, Leica iCON solutions are designed to ensure a quick and painless transition for your field operating crew without affecting formwork productivity.

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