Total Station Use Cases

Leica Geosystems’ software solutions for total stations provides unseen versatility and flexibility for field crews to conduct layout, as-built, and verification tasks on projects.

With smart digital workflows for site preparation, structures (concrete, wood, steel), MEP & HVAC, interiors and exteriors, field crews can layout with speed, performance and accuracy – improving quality, reducing errors & enhancing construction execution.


  • Measure control

  • Capture natural surface

  • As-built verification

  • As-built survey (BIM)

Design & Site Work

  • Create DTM

  • BIM model creation

  • Underground service location

  • Design & visualize

  • Horizontal & vertical control

  • Site preparation & rough grading

  • Trenching for drainage & utilities

  • Pipelaying

  • Foundation earthworks


  • Formwork for building footprints

  • Steel & anchor installation

  • Concrete flatwork

  • Structural framing (ext.& int.)

  • Facade

  • Windows

  • Roof & solar

  • Partition walls & ceilings

  • MEP component layout

  • As-built for BIM

  • Floors, walls, ceilings, millwork

Operation & Maintenance

  • Walk-through inspection

  • As-built survey (BIM)

  • Energy audit

  • Property valuation

  • Property damage assessment (insurance)

  • Rentable area validation

  • As-built measurement

  • Documentation

Enhance your BIM Workflow with the most efficient field-to-office solution for improved speed & layout accuracy

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Customer Reviews

See how digital layout solutions have enhanced traditional workflows for your peers

“The very early return on investment on the equipment is being able to find conflicts within the drawings. If I find potential clashes that can impact cost and the schedule months in advance before our guys even get out there, it pays for itself. That in itself is worth the investment in the hardware and software.”

BIM Manager

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“On one of our most recent projects, a 30,000 square foot building, had a total of 1,027 points to set and one man working with the robot was able to do the work in two days. With our previous methods, that would have taken three days with a two-man crew. Especially on large buildings, that’s a very clear return on investment.”

Head Surveyor

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“Our survey costs are lower because we’re not onsite as long, and the risk of rework is practically eliminated because of our high accuracy. Plus, our ability to provide the layout in a timely and accurate way enables the trades to do their work and stay on schedule. We all win.”

VP of Concrete

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Why Leica Geosystems?

Leica Geosystems has been revolutionizing the world of measurement and survey for nearly 200 years. We provide powerful software, efficient workflows and experienced support for a complete construction technology solution.

With precise and accurate instruments, sophisticated software, and trusted services, Leica Geosystems delivers value every day to those shaping the future of our world.

Best Service & Support

VDC Manager

“We recently switched from another vendor due to Leica’s support and service after the sale. They are the best when it comes to that.”

Reliable Technology

VP of Operations

“Leica Geosystems stands on their reputation. Leica is all about their products & their reliability to do what they say they can do.”

Easy to Use

Senior Surveyor

“We needed a solution that was easy to adopt, user-friendly & required minimal onboarding time. Leica’s technology was easy to pick up & use straight away by the team”

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