Empower your workflow with a digital total station solution

The growing demand for quality work is at an all-time high, forcing many surveyors and construction technicians to scramble to figure out how to increase their productivity and operational efficiency while working with limited time and resources.

With profitability on the line, it’s crucial for workers to have a reliable total station solution in place to work faster and more effectively while ensuring work is produced precisely according to the architect’s model – the first time.

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    The digital tools you need to enhance your layout performance

    Designed to maximize efficiency, Leica Geosystems total station technology for construction & surveying streamlines your layout application by integrating your 3D design model from the office to directly into the field workflow to produce accurate and verified point data in real-time – eliminating delays from BIM coordination and manual exporting & converting of files.

    These intuitive, one-person solutions empower your limited crews to quickly tackle more work without sacrificing quality – enabling you to bid, win and get to the next job faster.

    Construction Solutions

    Robotic Total Stations
    Manual Total Stations

    Leica iCR80

    One-person total station guaranteeing layout efficiency with the most reliable, simple and automatic set up procedure, industry-leading prism lock, and flexible handling of fully rendered 3D design models in the field
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    Leica iCR70

    Easy-to-use, one-person operating total station designed to accelerate construction and installation processes with flexible handling of fully rendered 3D design models in the field – helping you achieve more layout points all day, every day
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    Leica iCB70

    Efficient manual total station with either prism or reflector-less measurements and 4G mobile data capability for construction data transfers between the office and the instrument directly
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    Leica iCB50


    Easy-to-use, manual total station is usable with minimal training and prepares & execute construction tasks faster, simpler and more accurately
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    Leica iCON build

    Leica iCON build construction software provides you with unseen versatility and flexibility for modern building construction digital workflows. Specifically designed for building construction, construction professionals can complete layout, as-built and verification tasks easily with speed and accuracy, leading to more efficiency and less rework on site.

    Leica iCON software is the core central interface to the complete range of iCON sensors enabling construction companies and field crews to learn its functionality once and be able to choose the right tool for their project.

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    Surveying Solutions

    Robotic Total Stations
    Manual Total Stations

    Leica Nova MS60

    The ultimate all-rounder, combining total station functionality with 3D laser scanning, GNSS connectivity and digital imaging into one instrument
    Download Datasheet

    Leica TS16

    Best-in-class automated total station for the widest variety of measurement tasks and applications, including one-person or two-person instrument operation for surveying and stakeout
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    Leica TS13

    Upgradeable, mid-range total station providing a fast, reliable and efficient solution tailored to the users needs to measure and layout more points
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    Leica Flexline Series

    Manual total stations enabling you to carry out mid- to high-accuracy survey and stakeout tasks easily and efficiently
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    Leica Captivate

    User-friendly surveying software platform with intelligent information architecture designed to provide you with instant access to all aggregated raw data at all times and lets you combine and cross-check them against processed or archived data and survey results with only a couple of clicks.

    The clearly laid-out user interface and intuitive handling of its 3D map view means that three-dimensional data sets recorded in the field – and even multiple scans – can now be displayed on your desktop, edited more rapidly than ever before and integrated with other survey results – for faster decisions in projects.

    Download Datasheet

    Total Station Solutions to Empower Your Layout Performance

    Real-Time Access to 3D Model

    Easily integrate with design platforms to bring your BIM model to field for maximum productivity and layout efficiency

    Reliable IFC Data

    Having data in an IFC format protects the integrity of your point cloud data and significantly saves time transferring your model information from the office to the field.

    In-Field Verification

    Correct issues and verify work against the architect’s model in real-time, ensuring that costly errors and inconsistencies are resolved before task completion.

    Easy to Use & Adopt

    With user-friendly and easy-to-understand technology, Leica Geosystems total station solutions ensure a quick and painless transition for your field operating crew without affecting productivity.

    Customer Insights

    See how digital layout solutions have enhanced traditional workflows for your peers

    “The very early return on investment on the equipment is being able to find conflicts within the drawings. If I find potential clashes that can impact cost and the schedule months in advance before our guys even get out there, it pays for itself. That in itself is worth the investment in the hardware and software.”

    BIM Manager

    “On one of our most recent projects, a 30,000 square foot building, had a total of 1,027 points to set and one man working with the robot was able to do the work in two days. With our previous methods, that would have taken three days with a two-man crew. Especially on large buildings, that’s a very clear return on investment.”

    Head Surveyor

    “Our survey costs are lower because we’re not onsite as long, and the risk of rework is practically eliminated because of our high accuracy. Plus, our ability to provide the layout in a timely and accurate way enables the trades to do their work and stay on schedule. We all win.”

    VP of Concrete