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Whether you require higher accuracy, more flexibility, more durability or easy-to-use, our industry-leading layout and reality capture solutions are designed to have your back in the field.
“With Leica’s solution, we’re able to rely on the model to plan and do the work. This saves us time, and gives us more ability to extract info in real-time as needed.”
Trevor Gronseth, VDC Manager

Robotic Construction Total Stations

The Leica iCON iCR80 & iCR70 robotic total stations tie neatly into established construction workflows and rapidly speed up installation preparation and concrete construction tasks. Focus on laying out more points per day with minimal interruptions. Users can continue to layout quickly when interruptions do occur thanks to the automatic prism re-lock using industry leading technology.

Leica iCR80

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Leica iCR70

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“The very early return on investment on the equipment is being able to find conflicts within the drawings. If I find potential clashes that can impact cost and the schedule months in advance before our guys even get out there, it pays for itself. That in itself is worth the investment in the hardware and software.”
Scott Hover, BIM Manager

A Complete Field-to-Office Workflow

When combined with the total stations, the Leica iCON Field integration software enables your field engineers to correct issues and verify formwork placement against the architect’s model in real-time, ensuring that costly errors and inconsistencies are resolved before your concrete is placed.
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Leica’s in-field digital layout solution enhances your concrete work:

  • More accurate and precise concrete layout models
  • Real-time BIM model access in an IFC format
  • See model issues & inconsistencies in real-time – catch errors faster
  • Generate valid point data that’s been checked/verified
  • Comfortable technology adoption – leading to full technology use on next job site


Verify footing in field with iCR80 Field Workflow

Comparing Concrete Elevator Shaft to Model
Building Construction QA/QC in field with LiDAR

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Discover Why String and Tape Are Giving Way to Digital Layout Tools That Offer Impressive Advantages

This e-book explores the many reasons concrete construction contractors have when considering a move to digital layout. What’s the return on investment? What kind of reward can you expect for gains in layout speed, accuracy and versatility?

Leica RTC 360 Reality Capture Solution

The Leica RTC360 is the optimal solution for maximum productivity on highly challenging and complex site conditions where the environment, the accuracy, the reliability and the speed of operation are of the utmost importance. The RTC360 is tuned for short to medium scan ranges and High-Dynamic Range (HDR) applications. Combined with Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 and Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 laser scanning software, high quality laser scan data is provided quicker than ever before.
“The RTC360 immediately exceeded our expectations in terms of scanning speed and deliverable creation. The photo qualities are amazing, and I can register at the same time I’m scanning. And with accurate 3D data there are no missed measurements or errors, which eliminates rework. The impact on the overall project is significant.”
Brandon French, Sr Reality Capture Technician

A Superior Field-to-Office Workflow

Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 mobile-device app links the 3D data acquisition directly in the field with the RTC360 laser scanner, and the final data registration with Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 post-processing office software.
On-site the user can automatically capture, register and examine scan and image data. The user interface combines easy handling of complex calculations with a graphical user guidance which offers a remarkable user experience also for novice users.
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Leica’s reality capture solution enhances your concrete work:

  • Captures 2 million points per second in under 2 minutes
  • Small, compact and lightweight with a collapsible tripod
  • Low noise data for better images & crisp, higher quality scans
  • Automatically capture, register, & examine scan data on-site


Verify wall integrity in field with RTC360
Digitizing Construction Site with RTC360 LiDAR Data
Leica RTC360: What is VIS?

Customer Stories from your peers

“At DPR, one of our greatest obstacles is in leveraging scan data and the turnaround time it takes to capture, register, and analyze the data in the field. With real-time verification now part of iCON, we can integrate smaller batch scans into our daily workflows without additional manhours or added resources to check for quality real-time as work is being installed. This consolidates our resources, saves us a ton of manual registration work, and – more importantly – allows us to correct any deviations “in the moment” during initial installation activities, avoiding costly rework after the fact. Real-time verification is a game changer for our teams and our commitment to quality.”
Scott Cloud, VDC Southeast
Walrite LLC Colorado Foundation Contractors

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